Jumping Into the Flames

I was speaking to a neighbor of mine about why my husband and I do not have a television in our home.  She pointed out to me that while my son may not mind growing up without a television now, when he grows up and starts socializing with other kids, he may feel inferior or even become ostracized for not watching TV.  I thought about it for a moment, but then I remembered the story of the People of the Ditch in Surah Buruj.

Inshallah, I’ll post a link to a place where you can read the story in its entirety, but the part in particular that I felt was relevant to my situation was the part in which ditches were dug at all of the crossroads, with huge fires lit in them.  All of those who believed in Allah were told to either renounce their faith or be thrown/jump into the fire.  One by one, all of the believers were sacrificed, and then a woman was brought forward who was carrying a child in her arms.

Her maternal instinct caused her to hesitate.  Herself, she could easily sacrifice, but could she throw her innocent baby into the flames?  Then, Allah (SWT) gave the child the ability to speak, and he said “Oh Mother!  Have patience, for you are upon the Truth!”  And this gave her the courage to throw herself and her child into the fire.

In today’s world, nobody is digging trenches and lighting fires to throw the believers into.  But those who submit to the Will of Allah have a different kind of fire to face:  it’s the scrutiny, the criticism, the anger, the accusations, the mocking and the jeering of anti-Islamists all over the globe, but it’s not only THEM providing the fuel for this fire; it’s our OWN so-called fellow Muslims.  Even those of us who live in Muslim countries live in societies where following Islam is looked down upon, considered backwards, unfashionable, a practice only for the poor and illiterate.

I am often mocked for wearing a burka and nikaab and avoiding non-mahrams.  My husband is often teased for the fact that he has a beard and lowers his gaze.  It is one thing to face that kind of trial yourself: it is another thing entirely to bring it on your child, the one you want to protect from all evil.

THIS is our ditch and THIS is our fire.  And if we truly believe, then we MUST jump into it, or else we burn, literally this time, in the fires of hell.  For to join those who mock Islam means that we have turned our backs on Islam entirely.  We must remember that honor and dishonor are in the hands of Allah alone.

Oh Mother!  Have patience, for you are upon the Truth!

By the heaven holding the big stars, and by the Promised Day, and by the witness and the witnessed; cursed were the owners of the ditch, of the fuel-fed fire, when they sat by [the fire] and they witnessed what they were doing to the believers. They had nothing against [the believers], except that they believed in Allāh, the All-Powerful, Worthy of all Praise!

[al-Burūj: 1-8]

4 Responses to “Jumping Into the Flames”
  1. Subhaan ALLAH..very nice Post and I tell u sis, I have not read any article ver but , I guess After going through this post , i think i have learned a million

    • Jazakallahukhairan. May Allah (SWT) reward us both Inshallah. You should check out articles by Umm Sulaym (you can find a link to her blog on my blogroll on the main page) she also has great articles, Mashallah

  2. Bob Othman says:

    MashaAllah, simply spot on. Fabulous article.

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