Why Are We Here?

Sheikh Feiz is one of those speakers that provides you with an eman boost within just a few moments of his speech. And if you have the opportunity to listen to his longer lectures, you’re really left with a healthy dose. There are a few people who hear me listening to him and they say, how can you listen to that? It sounds like he’s shouting/yelling. I feel like that’s just his passion for the deen coming through and honestly, sometimes I feel like I need that harsh tone to wake me up from the dreamworld that is this dunya. It reminds me of the desperation of the Prophet (SAW) in this hadith:

Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet said:

“My similitude is of the one who lit up a fire and when the fire lighted the surroundings, moths started falling into it. He then began to prevent these from falling into the fire, but instead of his efforts they kept on dropping in the fire. I (Prophet Muhammad) am like the one who prevents you from fire while you persist on entering into it’. (Bukhâri)

Ah, I meant not to talk too much and just let the video speak for itself. Anyway, here’s a short clip from one of Sheikh Feiz’s lectures. I discovered it this morning and it really gave me some things to process. I hope it encourages you to contemplate your existence as well.


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