Sunnah for Victory

During the Caliphate of Umar ibn Khattab (RA), an army of 12,000 soldiers was sent to Egypt under the command of Amr ibn al As (RA) to fight against the Romans.  The fight was expected to be a short one, but instead stretched several months.  They sent a letter to Umer (RA) asking for reinforcements and advice.  He sent them four men, and advised that the deficiency must lie within the army itself—were they adhering to all of the Sunnah of Rasool Allah (SAW)?

They realized that they had been neglectful of using the miswak and so the next morning, they woke up, went to the water to make their ablutions and used their miswak.  When a scout from the Roman army spotted them doing this, he reported back to his army that the Muslims had eaten the trees and were sharpening their teeth to eat them.  The opposing army abandoned the battlefield in terror.

I found myself in a situation lately in which I was feeling that my life was disorganized and I was spiritually low.  All of my attempts at trying to get my life back on track were failing.  I would set my alarm clock only to sleep straight through it.  I would make intentions to pray tahajjud but my baby would cry all night and I wouldn’t have the time or the energy to do so.   Household chores I needed to get down would get delayed for days.  Every day I would tell myself, “Tomorrow.  Inshallah, tomorrow I will wake up early and I’ll get my stuff together.”  But the next day would come, and the next, and the next, and still nothing was working.

“Subhanallah!  Is there some JINN out to get me or something?!”  I wondered in frustration.

And then one day I remembered this story and realized there are countless Sunnahs that I have been neglecting.  Perhaps, if I bring some back into my life, it will yield positive results for me?

I turned to a little handbook I have, “More than 1,000 Sunan (Sayings and Acts of the Prophet [SAW]) Every Day & Night” compiled by Shaykh Khaalid Al-Husaynaan.  Since it was night time and I was about to go to bed, I followed all of the Sunnah’s specified in the book to go to bed.  Including making wudu, which was the hardest to make myself do at first because I thought washing my face would chase away my sleep.  I went to bed and was able to sleep easily and peacefully, managed to wake up for both tahajjud and fajr without needing my alarms, and felt energized to start my day.

Alhumdulilah, it is a habit I am now resolved to maintain Inshallah and I invite you all to do so with me.  I have uploaded the book in the resources section, and the chapter I am referring to “Before Going to Sleep” begins on page 129.  Feel free to try that or any other sunnah mentioned in the book.  Please do let me know how it works out for you and if it helps you as it has helped me.


4 Responses to “Sunnah for Victory”
  1. Amazing story mashaa’Allah

  2. Khalid says:

    Do you have daleel (proof) for that hadith?

    • You mean proof for the story about Umar (RA)? Unfortunately, I can’t find the reference that I found this story from, and I forgot to include it when I wrote this article.
      Allah knows best.

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