Preaching from the Hospital Bed

Mashallah look how the shaykh is living the words that he speaks.  This man has been fighting a very complicated liver condition, due to which he is undergoing chemotherapy—one of the most physically taxing treatments we know.  While no one would blame him for resting while he is in the hospital, this man is taking his “free time” to speak to the ummah and to urge us to use our health and our free time in the way Allah (SWT) meant for it to be used: in His worship.

I feel so ashamed when I compare myself to him—in so much physical pain and in such a condition, and still he is so patient Alhumdulilah, and still he praises his Lord and continues to seek out ways to please Him.  I on the other hand, often find myself going into stormy moods when I feel like life isn’t going the way I want it to be going—my Eman suffers, my worship is affected.  And when things are going well, what is my excuse for not being more active in the deen?

Why does it seem like the real Muslims on this earth are the sick and the elderly?  They don’t have the strength or stamina that we have, they don’t have the zeal that we have, and yet they are the ones you see, always making tasbeeh, keeping their tongues moist with the remembrance of Allah.

What is our excuse?  School?  Work?  Maintaining the home?  Watching the kids?  I mean really, is that truly an excuse?  We MAKE time for the things we find important.  We schedule everything, we make sure to meet doctor’s appointments and business meetings, but we don’t give the worship of Allah (SWT) that kind of priority.  How many times do we make the intention to pray tahajjud tonight, only to go “Eh, I’m feeling tired tonight, maybe some other time.”

Let’s make the intention right now to use our free time wisely.  Instead of mindless recreation, let’s become productive Muslims and seek out ways to worship Allah (SWT) and spread this deen.  Let’s remember our dhikr when we are alone and when we are in the company of others, to remind each other not to engage in idle talk.  Let’s remember to make our conversations ones in which the name of Allah (SWT) and His Rasool (SAW) are mentioned often.

For the love of Allah (SWT), this man went through such pains to speak to us from his hospital bed—To remind us to value what we have and he no longer does.  Please let his effort not be in vain.  Remember this advice and pass it on to your friends, your loved ones, your Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

And let us all make dua for Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali.  May Allah (SWT) give him shifa.  May He give the shaykh and his family sabr and istiqaamat during this difficult time.  Let his every moment spent in sickness be an expiation for his sins.  Ameen.

2 Responses to “Preaching from the Hospital Bed”
  1. UmmHasanaat says:

    May Allaah swt grant us all the expiation of our sins, sabrun jamilon, free the captive, and keep us all strong in the knowledge we have aquired and allow us to absorb it well enough to implement and grant us all Jennatul Firdous ameen.

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