Ibrahim (AS)’s Sacrifice, Your Sacrifice

This Eid, all of us made the perfunctory Qurbani or sacrifice of an animal, echoing the selfless act of our father, Ibrahim (AS) so many years ago.  I found myself reflecting on the meaning of this sacrifice, why it was so beloved to Allah (SWT) and what He wants us to learn from this story. … Continue reading

Preaching from the Hospital Bed

Mashallah look how the shaykh is living the words that he speaks.  This man has been fighting a very complicated liver condition, due to which he is undergoing chemotherapy—one of the most physically taxing treatments we know.  While no one would blame him for resting while he is in the hospital, this man is taking … Continue reading

The Difference between a Student of Knowledge and a Student of the Internet (via The Aqeedah and Manhaj of the Salaf-as-Saalih)

This article doesn’t imply that genuine knowledge can not be obtained from the internet. I think what it is speaking more about is the lack of adab or ikhlaq of those who are studying deen but for the wrong reasons. A lot of those people DO get most of their information from the internet but … Continue reading