Reflections on Al-Fatiha

Al-Fatiha is also called “sab’a mathani”—seven oft-repeated verses.  It is recited at least 17 times daily in the five obligatory prayers.

But do we really pay attention when we are reciting this masterpiece?  This first complete surah, this favor and mercy from Allah because it describes how to ask something from Him?

We SHOULD begin every request to Allah as this one does, by praising Him, humbling ourselves and seeking His help.  We should ask for what He told us to ask for—guidance to the right path.

Because when you have that, you have everything.

Allah (SWT) taught us to say, “You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.”  Indeed, we should ask only Allah for help.  But oftentimes we turn to everyone and everything else, stubbornly thinking that worldly means alone will help us to obtain what we want in this dunya.

“Guide us to the straight path. ”  We asked for guidance and Allah (SWT) gave us the entire Quran.  Then why do we ignore its teachings?  Or consider them “out of date”?  Could Allah (SWT) give us “expired” medicine?  If you think Him perfect, then so is His message!  So are His commandments!  We asked for the right way, but do we bother to take it, even after it’s been spelled out so clearly for us?

“The path of those whom You have favored.  Not those who have gone astray, nor those whose portion is wrath.”  We say we don’t want to be like those who have gone astray, then why do we try to look like them, talk like them, dress like them, act like them?

3 Responses to “Reflections on Al-Fatiha”
  1. Umm Hasanaat says:

    Bismillah 🙂

    Beautiful post. ❤ So many people who will come across this will find the beauty in their Fatiha & change their salah forever…may Allaah swt place barakah in your efforts ameen!

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