Ways You Can Raise Money for the Pakistan Flood Disaster

  1. Sell your old gold –Gold is at a record high right now, so sell your unwanted gold now while you have the chance.  If you need the money, go ahead and keep the original cost of the jewelry, you will most likely have plenty extra on top to donate to the flood victims.
  2. Donate your durable, unwanted kitchen items (plastic or metal plates, utensils, pots and pans.) –Most of us have more dinnerware than we will ever need to use, and if you really do have only what you need, make this your excuse to go ahead and replace that old dinner set that is past its prime.
  3. Hold a yard sale, sell stuff you don’t want, and donate the proceeds to the flood victims.
  4. Hold a bake sale in your school, office, Islamic center or masjid.
  5. Donate unwanted sweaters and cold weather items including blankets.  Winter is coming soon, and these poor souls will need something to fight off the cold.
  6. Write “Flood Relief Money” on a can and put it somewhere visible in your home.  Make it a habit to put spare change and regular donations into the can, and invite the members of your family to do the same.  Regularly make an appointment to donate the money to a trustworthy organization.

Realize the impact that this disaster will create in Pakistan and as a result, worldwide.  Don’t think that this will not eventually affect you.  Millions have lost their homes, their families and their livelihoods.  Women are widowed, children are orphaned, and now have no breadwinner in their families.  Families have lost all bankable resources—their crops have been destroyed and the land is no longer cultivatable.  Livestock, businesses, shops, all have washed away.  Our economy was already suffering and I can only imagine how devastating this will be on it now.  The poverty level will sky rocket and with it, the mortality and crime rate.  Pakistan will become a very risky place to live if this happens.    Infectious diseases will no doubt begin to spread, and these can easily move on to affect people who aren’t in flood areas, as well as spreading to other countries.

Please donate, and donate generously.

If you have any more ideas, I’d love to see them in your comments.


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